Each room is set up to provide a range of ever-changing activities from which to choose. We nurture:

  • curiosity and concentration;
  • creativity and problem solving;
  • pre-reading and pre-math skills;
  • motor skills and coordination;
  • social skills and communication…
  • and so much more.

All are achieved in a warm environment with a focus on each individual child’s abilities and interests.

The typical day

The general routine for the day is as follows. Our 0-2 year-old program, however, is the exception as we follow an individual routine for each child, dependant on their needs for that day.

7.15–8.30am Arrival. Room groupings in one of the larger rooms or, weather permitting, outside.
8.30–9.00am The children settle into their respective rooms, exploring set-up activities.
9.00am Morning tea.
9.15am–11.00am The children engage in planned indoor/outdoor activities and participate in group times with stories, movement and music.
11.00am–12.00pm Lunchtime, starting with the younger children. Children are encouraged with self-help skills, bearing in mind their ages and abilities.
12.00–2.00pm Most of the younger children will have a sleep (0-3). The 3-4 year olds will have a sleep if required or, like the 4-5 year olds, will have a quiet break where they will listen to music or story tapes.
1.30–3.00pm The children participate in planned afternoon experiences, with the kinder children (4-5) starting their activities at around 1.00pm, and the 3-4 year old room commencing around 1.30pm.
3.00pm–3.30pm Afternoon tea.
3.30pm–5.30pm The children play indoors or outdoors, participating freely in the planned experiences available.
5.30pm Late afternoon snack.
5.30pm–6.15pm Playing together in room grouping.

The overall well-being of each child is of primary importance to us. Within a welcoming and stimulating environment, we aim to provide a balanced and developmentally appropriate learning environment which is based on individual and group needs and interest.

We believe in the importance of recognising and supporting the uniqueness of each child, and their home, religious and cultural beliefs. We also promote independence, positive self-esteem and gender equity, and we believe children should be actively involved in their own learning.


All meals and snacks are made freshly on-site – there is no thawing of frozen meals. Our cook ensures nutritious meals are provided and follows the Start Right, Eat Right philosophy. Many of our parents have requested copies of our recipes, which are available from the office.

We cater for nut, egg, dairy and other allergies.

Drinks of water and milk are available throughout the day.