Keeping parents informed


We use a number of media to ensure you are always aware of the activities and experiences being enjoyed by your child, along with broader information about our centre, community and child rearing in general. These include:

  • parent communication and engagement app – receive notifications, log absences and contact the centre via your smart phone;
  • photographic displays – staff take photos of daily happenings and special events illustrating what your child has been involved in;
  • visual displays of the children’s artwork;
  • communication boards in each rooms, providing written daily outlines and stories about the day’s events, food and sleep times;
  • quarterly newsletters to report on the rooms and overall centre happenings;
  • informal conversations with parents at pick-up and drop-off times;
  • parent/staff interviews available upon request throughout the year;
  • notice boards in the hallways displaying centre and general child caring information; and
  • parent library providing tips and information about children’s health and development.

What’s more, we are always interested in your feedback, sought through:

  • our suggestion box;
  • parent feedback forms distributed with the newsletter;
  • monthly general Parent Committee meetings; and
  • photo-board of staff members.

Opening Hours

We are open from Monday to Friday, 7.15am until 6.15pm, except for public holidays and a short break over Christmas and New Year.