Our program, philosophy and staff


Our program

There are many reasons why we believe children flourish at our Centre. From the personalised attention provided to each child, to the warm and stimulating environment, building strong foundations for future learning. Our program format allows the children greater input into their learning environment, which is interests-driven and encourages meaningful learning. The program:

  • builds foundations for a lifetime of learning; and
  • is child-initiated and shaped by the children’s interests.

Confidence within individual children is more naturally developed as they become the initiators, controllers and negotiators. This confidence leads to greater decision-making, development of skills, peer relationships and concentration, and sets the foundation for future learning. Staff, children and their families become involved in establishing individual learning journals. These journals become a collective documentation of written learning stories, photos and children’s work during the time at the centre.

The program offered is derived from children’s interest and is very much child-initiated.



At North Ringwood Community Children’s Centre we aim to provide children and families with a community-focussed early learning environment that is warm, welcoming and homely, and one that embraces the natural environment around which the Centre is located.

We offer a high quality play-based program where children are respected as individuals and independent thinkers, are actively involved in their program to encourage meaningful learning and development and are provided an abundance of indoor and outdoor learning experiences from which dreams can grow.

The Centre is staffed by passionate and committed educators who work in partnership with community members to create and manage the best possible early learning opportunities for our children.

 In relation to CHILDREN

We believe:

·         That children are individuals and all have the potential to learn, grow and develop in safe, healthy environment on their own and with others through their resources and environment

·         That children are capable and competent learners who “arrive with own experience and needs” and have a right to participate

·         In children being respected as individuals and human beings in their own right, as functioning mentors of our society.

·         That children learn differently and learn from themselves, peers, families, educators and the community 

Therefore we:

·         Provide a quality service which aims to ensure   that children’s individual needs are met and where all children are encouraged and supported to develop to their optimum potential

·         Acknowledge the uniqueness of each child and respect and value their individual needs an abilities, their home, religious and cultural beliefs all within a non-discriminatory environment

·         Value the diversity of the children in our centre, involve their families, our early childhood educators and the community

·         Aim to foster children’s learning through play, offering encouragement and support 

·         Encourage intrinsic motivation for learning and development in line with a child’s individual ability

In relation to FAMILIES

We believe:

·         That parents are experts in their children’s development and play a major role in their children’s learning and growth 

·         That connecting with parents and building trust between parents and staff will support the creation of respectful working relationships and result in greater outcomes for children

Therefore we:

·         Are committed to providing support and care for parents and guardians in their parental role through open communication and mutual respect

·     Seek to foster and promote family involvement through encouraging their participation in the Centre and its management, fundraising, and family activities and allow opportunity for involvement in program planning

 In relation to EDUCATORS:

We believe:

·         That our passionate and committed educators provide a learning environment that is rich in creativity and warmth, offers meaningful learning opportunities and based on the importance of strong team work and collaboration

·         That our educators all have unique strengths and qualities that add value to the Centre and its program   

·         In the opportunity for staff to have involvement in different aspects of the Centres operation and receive ongoing professional development and educational training

Therefore we:

·         Provide a work environment where staff have the opportunity to fulfil their professional role, where their rights and needs are recognised and development opportunities are encouraged and supported

·         Provide quality planning time for staff at each level to ensure their skills, talents and interest are integrated into the children’s program

· Provide high quality professional development opportunities, both at the individual and whole of staff level   

In relation to PROGRAMS

We believe:

·         That children learn, flourish and develop confidence within a curriculum that is based on exploration and play, is child-initiated and is driven by children’s interests

·         That children’s input into their learning environment supports the development of lifelong learning

·         That the program should be evolving, based on current research and provide opportunity for children to develop and consolidate learnings in a range of areas and in line with the outcomes of the Early Years Learning and Development Framework.

Therefore we:

·         Provide a range of stimulating indoor and outdoor play and learning opportunities that are supported by the natural environment and sustainable and recyclable materials where possible.

·         Provide opportunities and resources to children to allow them to be actively involved in their program

·        Improve the quality of the Centre by supporting the National Quality Standards, the Early Years Leaning Framework and through continual reflection and reviewing of the Centre’s policies, procedures and programs

In relation to COMMUNITIES

We believe:

·         That we can grow and learn from the community, be actively involved in and support the community and in turn be supported

·         Of the importance in being respectful to and working in collaboration with the agencies and partners that co-support children and families in our Centre and the broader community

·         That being responsive to the changing needs of the community and those we serve is fundamental to our success


Therefore we:

·         Foster and promote community involvement through encouraging wider participation in the Centres’ activities and children’s programs

·         Seek to explore how the Centre can access and in turn offer support to community services, programs and events

·         Strive to be a key link for children and families to ensure they have easy and successful access early education and care information and support as needed   

·         Continually evaluate and review our program goals to ensure they reflect the needs of our children and families




Our staff

The centre employs 10 full-time and four part-time staff. A small group of regular relievers are also employed to cover for staff leave and absences. The co-ordinator manages a team of professional childcare staff and the day-to-day operations of the centre. In each of the children’s rooms, we have a Level 4 child-care worker or kinder teacher, and a Level 3 child-care worker. Extra staff are employed to assist with the inclusion of children with additional needs.

Staff selection

The staff selected as part of our team are those able to provide quality care and a varied, supportive and stimulating learning environment. Staff work diligently to provide a safe and happy family atmosphere for the children in their care. They are also very friendly, approachable and display a high standard of work ethics and a professional attitude.

Ongoing professional development

Our team of staff is what makes our centre the high-quality service it is, which is why the committee of management supports all staff regularly attending professional development sessions to keep their current child-care practices up-to-date.

Each year, the centre closes for one day, providing all staff with the opportunity to develop their professional skills and knowledge, and to enhance teamwork. In addition, each new year starts with one curriculum day where staff set-up the centre, ensuring a welcoming start to the children’s year.